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Soybean gall midge

Soybean gall midge (Resseliella maxima) is a new pest of soybean in the Midwest. Infestations begin at field edges adjacent to fields that were infested the previous growing season. Research is ongoing to develop a colony for research purposes, understand soybean gall midge biology, and develop management recommendations. We continue to monitor the distribution and spread of soybean gall midge across Iowa.

soybean gall midge infestation at the field edge and a plant infested with soybean gall midge larvae
Left: soybean gall midge infestations typically begin at the field edge, and dead or dying plants can be observed. Right: soybean plant infested with soybean gall midge larvae. Photos by Ashley Dean.

An encyclopedia article details what we know about soybean gall midge identification, biology, plant injury, and scouting. Currently, no research-based management recommendations are available for soybean gall midge.

Soybean gall midge encyclopedia article

Annually, spring scouting alerts for Iowa are posted on the Integrated Crop Management News page. Throughout the growing season, additional updates on soybean gall midge activity may be posted on ICM News or on the Integrated Crop Management Blog page.

If you would like to receive timely alerts of soybean gall midge activity in Iowa via text messaging, sign up for the Iowa Pest Alert Network!